Our Teachers

Lisa West

“Whenever someone asks me about working at The David School, I always smile. I smile because, how can it be work when I’m spending time with family? Having the small number of students in each class allows so much opportunity for hands on learning environment. For instance, I love being able to take my Geography students on an orienteering trek around campus and the hiking trail. Not only are they exploring the outdoors and having fun, but they’re also practicing map skills, as well as critical thinking and problem solving along the way. Another example would be the many opportunities my Life Skills class has. From peer to peer mock job interviews to getting their hands dirty in the school’s greenhouse. Lastly, the “family” lunch gatherings. The school’s lunch is like no other. Staff and students all intermingle during lunch. As far as cleanup, I’ll wash dishes right beside one of my student’s or a coworker, just like you would at a family dinner. These are just a few examples as to why I love working at The David School.”

Lisa teaches World Geography, World Civilizations, US History, Life Skills and Spanish.

Kathy Brown

Kathy will be teaching Government/Economics, Public Speaking, Math Intervention, Photography and Health/Physical Education. Kathy comes to us from the Magoffin County Public Schools. Kathy brings experience, compassion, and a dedication to the success of every student at the David School. We are very blessed to have this wonderful addition to our staff and we welcome her aboard!

Janie Allen

I have been married for 32 years to my soulmate, Dexter Allen. We have two children Alexandria- Louisville, TN and Kyle- Huntington, WV. I have helped Dexter coach Recreational and Paintsville High School Soccer for 20 years. As a graduate of Morehead State University, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Area of Concentration in Commercial Art.

I had only planned to work at The David School for one year until they could find an English Teacher. Needless to say I have fell in love with the students and what the school stands for. To see the joy on the face when a student accomplish and overcome something that they have been struggling with for a while, that gives me a feeling that I have done something right. I teach ALL levels of English and Art classes

Susan Hicks (aka Mama Bear)